PHAROS – Beacon ≈ June 4th, Start 5pm/ Doors 4:30pm

A new quartet formed by four New England-based saxophonists, PHAROS present their first full recital, “Beacon”, at the Lilypad, Inman Square. The quartet bring their backgrounds of classical training and contemporary performance to Cambridge, sharing a portfolio of pieces that chronicle both tradition and modern life.

pharos1 copy_web

Buzzwords in brief:

French Classical
A multimedia exhibition on evangelism in Brooklyn
Catalonian folk tunes
A set of arias on the AIDS crisis of the early 1990s
The National Parks


Jennifer Bill, soprano saxophone
Amy McGlothlin, alto saxophone

Emily Cox, tenor saxophone
Zach Schwartz, baritone saxophone

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 4:30pm

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