All Together Now #5 ≈ May 27th, Start 9:30pm/ Doors 9pm


All Together Now is a multidisciplinary art series that makes space for women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ performers in partnership with allies. Installment #5 will include music, performance art, conceptual magic, storytelling, and video.

Mark Lipman and Jenee Halstead

Jenee Halstead and Mark Lipman

Welcome To The Closet is an event that weaves personal storytelling & musical performance with the aim of providing the audience an invitation into the multi-faceted process of “coming out.” In the piece, Jenee Halstead and Mark Lipman will be using costume, props, and live music to investigate the universality of the coming out process as it relates to the oppression and liberation of their desires. The hope is to create a space of acceptance and peace with desire, and then to invite the audience to explore the “how to” of navigating the steps out of the closet together.

Mark Lipman and Jenee Halstead have been sharing the stage for years as singing partners on each other’s original music. The idea of collaborating on a project together had been floating around for a couple of years, and they’re bringing it to life in a set that will combine story-telling, song, and elements of expressive movment. Together they are exploring the worlds of activism, desire, queer identity, the wounded healer and what it means to be an artists and a human in a world that want to commodify and control the human experience.

Chances are, if you’ve ever seen Mark Lipman play, your emotions have been stirred from the moment he opens his mouth to sing. His music is a combination of soulful, evocative, soaring, gritty vocals set to songs that are at once highly personal and familiar. If you detect something expansive and mysterious in the music of Jenee Halstead, a freedom that owes no debt to place and time — or even genre — you understand where she’s coming from. And where she’s headed … deeper into the essence of song.

Zayde Buti

Zayde Buti

Zayde Buti is a performance artist and musician who writes, produces and performs weird art music. He also produces and performs in even weirder music videos. Zayde has performed live in venues across New England and has made street performances throughout the Boston area.

Poor Eliza

Poor Eliza


Poor Eliza (Jane Park) is a Boston songwriter who loves to explore themes from her Tennessee upbringing with the sounds and rhythms of alt-country and indie-rock. She has played all over the Boston area, and is excited to try new things and meet more artists! Her latest self-released title “Ghost Town” is the tale of a townie who never leaves their hometown.

Felice Ling

Felice Ling

If she looks familiar, you might have seen her working on the streets of Harvard Square. Occasionally funny, often awkward, and always astonishing, she has performed in Memphis, Chicago, and Cambridge. Before she was a street performer, though, she was a magician performing in her family living room nearly every Thanksgiving for fifteen years. She’s not flashy, she’s not snazzy – she’s Just Felice.

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