Newpoli: Mediterranean Pulse – Ritmi della terra ≈ April 2nd, Start: 7pm/ Doors: 6:30pm


As you hear the tamburello pounding out the heartbeat of Newpoli’s music, the two singers start up a wild, frenetic dance, and you’ll have a very hard time sitting still! Welcome to Newpoli live!

The group carries on a tradition that is so old it’s hard to date, performing music from the South of Italy laced with influences from all of the surrounding Mediterranean cultures. Originals are mixed with exciting arrangements of traditional music, the tempo is high, and the drama and passion in their blood can be heard in every note!

Their latest CD, Nun te vutà, features twelve tracks, six originals, six traditionals, and more then a dozen handcrafted indigenous instruments played by eight talented musicians. It’s an album that deals with contemporary topics with the help of traditional sounds.

Carmen Marsico – Vocals

Angela Rossi – Vocals

Fabio Pirozzolo – Vocals and Tamburello

Björn Wennås – Chitarra Battente, Mandola, Chitarra Classica

Jussi Reijonen – Oud, Mandola, Chitarra Classica

Dan Meyers – Recorders, Ciaramella, Zampogna

Karen Burciaga – Violin

Jeff McAuliffe – Bass [music plays]

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 6:30pm

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