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Bert Seager presents…Tetraptych ≈ March 1st / 7:30pm


Say:  ” TET-trup-tick”

It is a four-paneled painting.

It is also the name of an exuberant jazz quartet that performs the music of acclaimed pianist Bert Seager. Tetraptych brings a breathing conversant quality to its playing, where interaction rather than assigned roles is what lights the fire. The magic arises as the musicians weave threads of free improvisation into the compositions. Throughout, one encounters the tetraptych: the input of each member as the collective meaning unfolds.


Bert Seager – pianist, composer and bandleader has written tunes specifically to fit these musicians, their strengths and collaborative chemistry.

Hery Paz – Cuban-born tenor saxophonist who produces a big round passionate sound plays with a wide ranging and profoundly melodic imagination.

Max Ridley – upright bassist makes the music dance while playfully breaking open the grid of time to liberate the proceedings.

Dor Herskovits – Israeli-born drummer whose deep feel and intelligent phrasing drive and shape the music holds the key to its ebullience.

One senses their unique personalities and warmth as they each navigate their changing roles in the unfolding drama. This is the embodiment of interconnection through sound.

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 7pm

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Miriam Elhajli Group + Eleni Arapoglou & Vasilis Kosta Duo ≈ March 1st / 9pm


An evening of music by Eleni Arapoglou (voice) & Vasilis Kostas (laouto), a duo performing music from their homeland, Greece. Both have been strongly influenced by the power of improvisation and traditional sounds of music from latin america, the middle east and modern jazz, combining them to reimagine the music of our past. As a second set of the night, they will be followed by a Venezuelan-Moroccan/American composer and vocalist Miriam Elhajli who’s work is influenced by Latin American folk, modern jazz and contemporary classical music. Joined by a group of musicians in boston she will perform her original music as well as favorite traditional songs of her homelands.

$5 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 9pm

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David Arteaga Quartet + Open Jazz Jam ≈ March 5th / 9pm


Come out to play!!!

The House-Band:

Max Ridley – Bass  

Plamen Karadonev – Piano  

Dave Fox – Drums 

David Arteaga – Saxophones

The Jam has been getting quite busy lately; it is recommended to arrive by 9 PM or a bit before to sign up if you want to play.

We started this Jazz Jam at the Lilypad in October 2014.

Since that time this event has steadily developed into a vibrant and convivial scene, welcoming to all lovers of this great American Art-form. There is a special feeling of openness + generosity at this Jam; from the phenomenal House-Band to the amazing stream of talented players + joyful listeners. Creativity thrives in a challenging + supportive atmosphere; this beautiful listening room and the excellent people who fill it every other Sunday provide just such an environment.

Come on down and be a part of it!

continuing 1st + 3rd (+5th) SUNDAY of every month

at the LILYPAD – 1353 Cambridge St, Inman Sq. Cambridge


Wine + local craft beer available

FREE PARKING on Sunday in the Municipal lot on Springfield St.

$8 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 9pm

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