Tom Dowd Quintet ≈ March 14th / 10:30pm



Strange Changes bandleader Tom Dowd premieres new jazz compositions along with some familiar faces at the venerable Lily Pad. This quintet, featuring Steven Wilkinson, Greg Toro, Evan Waaramaa, and Erik Van Dam, have logged thousands of hours of playing together in their original big band project and now will show their range in a more intimate modern jazz setting.

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 10pm

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Quo Vadis Schubert? Presents: Three Commissioned Works, Satie, Glass, and Schubert ≈ March 15th / 8:30pm


As Peter fled Rome, he had a vision of the lord walking in the opposite direction. Confused, Peter asked, “Quo Vadis, Domine?”

“Where are you going?”

Why did Schubert compose? What was Schubert probing for in his compositions? What expressive question or existential concern was Schubert trying to elucidate through his compositions? The mission of the Quo Vadis, Schubert? Collective is founded on the curiosity and love that the members have for Schubert’s particular, if sometimes peculiar, musical raison d’être. We feel that a creative impulse that has its expressive outlet in music will be commented on most meaningfully by other music. That is, if we wish to directly address Schubert’s creative impulse, we must enlist compatible contemporary impulses. The members of Quo Vadis, Schubert? seek to explore our attraction towards Schubert by commissioning works from contemporary composers after discussing with them what aspects of Schubert’s music endears him to them or puzzles them.

Tonight’s concert features the premiers of works of Henri Colombat, Julian Pozniak, Coleman Zurkowski, along side works by Eric Satie, Phillip Glass, and Franz Schubert.

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 8pm

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Tunefoolery – Stronger Together ≈ March 19th / 7pm


Tunefoolery Music is a unique and courageous community of over 55 musicians in mental health recovery who have created a safe place where loving support, paid work, and learning are the foundation for healing and recovery. Our mission is to bring quality music, along with an inspiring message of recovery and hope, to our peers and to the world.

People in mental health recovery deal with a long list of obstacles: symptoms, stigma, isolation, and a sense of powerlessness and dependency. Through research, we know the many benefits of playing and hearing music (reduced depression, anxiety, and chronic pain). Also, social connection and support have been shown to improve mental health in general. Tunefoolery today is a strong and supportive organization where music making, empowerment, and a supportive community are key elements in our musicians’ journeys toward healing. Tunefoolery’s talented musicians build identities beyond diagnosis and symptoms and focus on their skills as creative performers, while also sharing the gift of music with our audiences.

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 6:30pm

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David Arteaga Quartet + Open Jazz Jam ≈ March 19th / 9pm


Come out to play!!!

The House-Band:

Max Ridley – Bass  

Plamen Karadonev – Piano  

Dave Fox – Drums 

David Arteaga – Saxophones

The Jam has been getting quite busy lately; it is recommended to arrive by 9 PM or a bit before to sign up if you want to play.

We started this Jazz Jam at the Lilypad in October 2014.

Since that time this event has steadily developed into a vibrant and convivial scene, welcoming to all lovers of this great American Art-form. There is a special feeling of openness + generosity at this Jam; from the phenomenal House-Band to the amazing stream of talented players + joyful listeners. Creativity thrives in a challenging + supportive atmosphere; this beautiful listening room and the excellent people who fill it every other Sunday provide just such an environment.

Come on down and be a part of it!

continuing 1st + 3rd (+5th) SUNDAY of every month

at the LILYPAD – 1353 Cambridge St, Inman Sq. Cambridge


Wine + local craft beer available

FREE PARKING on Sunday in the Municipal lot on Springfield St.

$8 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 9pm

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