Bonnie Whiting – Album Release ≈ April 15th / 7:30pm

51’15.657″ for a speaking percussionist is Bonnie Whiting’s realization of a solo simultaneous performance of  John Cage’s 45′ for a speaker and 27’10.554″ for a percussionist. These are vintage pieces: music from the mid-50’s and part of a series of timed works that he enjoyed mixing together and referred to in notes and letters as “the ten thousand things.” A culmination of 14 months of work and study, Whiting’s version is the first to feature one performer executing both pieces in their entirety. Cage subjected several of his lectures to chance procedures, and the result is his quirky and imaginative 45′ for a speaker.  This particular version of Cage’s percussion score is a fusion of traditional percussion instruments and  found-objects. This performance celebrates Whiting’s debut recording on the Mode Records label.
Percussionists Maria Finkelmeier and Greg Jukes of Kadence Arts open.


$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 7pm

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Nathaniel Braddock + Balla Kouyate ≈ April 29th / 5pm

Nathaniel Braddock


Musician and composer Nathaniel Braddock tours internationally and performs an array of different musical styles in venues as disparate as underground arts spaces and Lincoln Center.  Based for years in Chicago, Braddock relocated to Sydney, Australia, in 2014, and to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2016.

Nathaniel leads the acclaimed Central African soukous group the Occidental Brothers Dance Band International, a collaboration between American, Ghanaian, Zambian, and Congolese musicians including the great Samba Mapangala  and members of Ghana’s acclaimed Western Diamonds.  Nathaniel has performed and recorded with a number of indie rock bands, including Tobin Summerfield’s gigantic band “Never Enough Hope”,  The Zincs (Thrill Jockey), Ancientgreeks (Flameshovel), Edith Frost (Drag City) and others. He also played for years in the Butcher Shop Quartet,performing electric guitar arrangements of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Springand other 20th century classical works.  Braddock leads an eight-piece electric guitar ensemble that plays his original compositions.  He has twice been featured in Guitar Player Magazine.

Balla Kouyate


Balla Kouyaté: Originally from Mali, West Africa, Balla is a djeli, a musician and oral historian in Malian society. He learned his instrument, the balafon, from his father, who is the guardian of the world’s first balafon, which dates from the 13th Century and is recognized by UNESCO as one of the 19 Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Here, he plays Sunjata, an epic song of praise for King Sunjata, the builder of the Mali empire. Balla is available for main-stage concerts as well as educational programming.

Balla is widely considered to be among the greatest balafon players today in the world. A virtuoso, he plays two instruments to get a chromatic scale, allowing him to play any genre of music in any key. His speed is astounding as he moves effortlessly between the two balafons, delivering his signature roulements and complex improvisations. Balla has been featured on at least 45 albums, including Angelique Kidjo’s Grammy-nominated “Oyo” and Yo-Yo Ma’s Grammy-winning “Sounds of Joy and Peace,” and has collaborated with Mamadou Diabate, Susan McKeown, Vusi Mahlasela, Roswell Rudd’s MALIcool ensemble, and Schlicht’s Tempore.

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 5pm

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Matt Holman’s “The Tenth Muse” CD Release & Peter Kenagy Quartet ≈ May 4th / 7:30pm

Matt Holman


Hailed by the New York Times as a “conscientious” and “perceptive young trumpeter,” Matt Holman’s recent release The Tenth Muse (New Focus Recordings) fuses composed and improvised chamber jazz based on the poetic fragments of the Greek lyrist of antiquity, Sappho.


Matt Holman, trumpet, flugelhorn, compositions

Sam Sadigursky, saxophone, clarinets, flutes

Chris Dingman, vibraphone

Bobby Avey, piano

Peter Kenagy Quartet


Trumpeter Peter Kenagy’s music has been called elegant and adventurous, both modern and rooted in tradition, with a sound all its own. Recordings available on Fresh Sound and Fractamodi.

Peter Kenagy, trumpet

Allan Chase, alto & baritone saxophone

Keala Kaumeheiwa, bass

Austin McMahon, drums

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 7pm

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