ODYSSEY 617 presents: SOME LIKE IT HOTT ≈ JULY 3rd / 10pm


Odyssey 617 is proud to invite you to Chapter 32 of the Some Like It Hottseries.


First we have Mr. Matt Mcneil, aka Big Daddy Smooth. Besides making ladies’ knees buckle in tasteless movies like Gangbangs of New York, American Booty, and Saturday Night Beaver, you can find Big Daddy rocking kids’ parties as his alter ego Noodles The Clown. Matt also enjoys Friendly’s ice cream, thumb wrestling with local DJ’s, and cheering up trashy prostitutes by playing board games with them.

Next we have the lady of the night that no man (or woman) can say no to, Lenore. When not in cat fights with jealous wives who can’t compete, Lenore spends her time overseas filming dirty Bollywood movies like Missionary: Impossible and Honey I Blew Everybody. In her spare time, Lenore enjoys drinking at plane terminals, collecting leg warmers made in the USA, flexing in front of her bathroom mirror and, for the last 16 years, rocking the Phoenix Landing.

Finally we have Worcester’s favorite freak, Paulinnate. When not drinking at local bowling alleys with older tattooed women or selling MDMA to high school girls at the mall, you can see this hot stud in action on the big screen in trash like Night of the Giving Head and Cumming To America. Paulinnate is also a massive fan of roast beef sandwiches with pickles…

With JEEVES aka Nightime Gallagher as your VJ/bartender/servant

and The Handsome Half-Breed as your host



$5 cover @ the door