Middle Eastern/Latin JazzFunk with

Perry Bakalos (Pericles Bakalos) -Guitar
Regie Gibson – Vocals and Poetry
Nadjim Kebir – Drums
Matthew Dunkle – Flute and Trumpet
Matt Steinberg – Conga and Percussion
Steve Davis – Bass
Jacques Pardo – Vocals, Guitar and Sax
Stephen E. Whitney – Conga and Percussion

Aliya Cycon ≈ APRIL 10th / 7PM

 Aliya Cycon Project Album Release Party
Descr: ACP celebrates the release of their debut album, We Will Be Light, which features the original “arabic-inspired” compositions of Aliya Cycon. Leading the band on her arabic ‘oud, the group sways and flies through catchy rhythms and melodies with a deep reverence for traditional arabic music. Opening act will feature Gilad Barakan.

APRIL 16th / 10PM

c: BENT KNEE with Hammer and Snake, Yousif Yaseen, Yarrow
Heart-stopping art-rock, raw garage sounds, eastern-informed folk rock, and roasted alt-rock garnished with jazz, funk, garlic, and hummus.
d: Yarrow: 10:15-10:45
Yousif Yaseen: 11-11:30
Hammer and Snake: 11:45 – 12:15
Bent Knee: 12:30-1am A



 Philip Glass (1937-) is probably the most famous (or at least mostly

 widely heard) contemporary composer. His music can be heard in a  

 number of award-winning movies (Koyaanisqatsi, The Truman Show,

 and The Hours, among others), in his own ensemble concerts, as well

 as at opera houses and concert halls around the world. His repetition-

 based overall style and dramatic harmonies are instantly recognizable.


 This concert will feature his music for solo piano (Metamorphoses), as

 well his String Quartet No. 4, one of his greatest and most moving

 chamber works.


  Paul Jacobs, piano

 Angel Valchinov, violin

Sonia Deng, violin

 Chen Lin, viola

 Nick Dinnerstein, cello

RAK N ≈ APRIL 24th / 10:30PM

The alternative format of Ra k n’s live performance will convert a simple spectator to a part of the show. Take a step into the magical world of 4 elements that will surround your path with sensual dance movements, sounds and lights. Breath with us, move with us, live with us. Experimental electronic fusion guided by the violin and vocal vibrations will touch your soul and open doors to your sacred inner space. Get ready, will see you on the other side…rakn2