KAZAAM!: love songs, recollections, & contemporary improvisations ≈ Saturday August 2nd / 4PM

Multi-wind virtuoso Demetrius Spaneas and pianist Jeffrey Goldberg celebrate and transcend musical genres such as jazz, klezmer, classical, avant-garde and other world musics in their unique blend of rewoven traditions and cutting-edge explorations into the unknown. A roller-coaster rollicking riveting ride across the musical gamut to the mysterious center: the human heart. 


move your sunday butts over to the lilypad on this night for all kinds of weirdness:
Hallowed Bells (Philly)
Electronic songs-without-words and abstract soundscapes by Philadelphia-based Darian Scatton and Alison Stout.

couples counseling
Collaged together are a variety of quirky electronic loops and experimental sound bits – the songs seamlessly sample all sorts of bird chirps and frog croaks and distant conversation – giving a distinct eerie atmosphere to this bedroom pop creation.
– Mary Kate McGrath, Boston Hassle

Liana’s Fire
LIANA’s FIRE is all over the musical map. There’s electronics frying in the sun. Pretty acoustic guitars happening. Effects laden vocals lost in the clouds. And beats and synths sometimes forced into the service of some kind of electro-pop, but at other times allowed to wander freely. This is some free spirited shit, crawling with a genre-less flamboyance that the artist herself proclaims proudly.
– Dan Shea, Boston Hassle

Folie a Deux (Baltimore)
Experimental musical poetry.

The Humminbird (Chicago)
“To those outside of the Chicago orbit, one that has produced neo-psychedelic juggernauts the Plastic Crimewave Sound and, more recently, the loner-bellow of Circuit des Yeux, Muyassar Kurdi might be a completely new name. A member of the community that has fed the work of the aforementioned, and performing with the moniker The Humminbird, her reverb-drenched stew of voice, autoharp, organ, tanpura, samples, and electronics should open up unknown vistas. Whatever the term “psychedelic” means, a benchmark may exist, and The Humminbird’s minimal chants, pleading, and beguiling in a fuzzed-out haze, clearly put this music well within the psych realm.”
-Tiny Mix Tapes

***5 bones at the door